Occasionally I like to revisit an earlier series and apply fresh ideas to it. Sometimes these efforts form the springing board for a new series. At any one time, I usually have only a few works from these smaller series on hand. The works are presented in the order of the series names shown below.

Fans have been used forever to create mystery, revealing as much behind the fan as the user wants to view or imagine! This is the inspiration for my Fan Series. Fans can be fun, or flirtatious—or even just plain naughty! So can working with my Fan Series.

The Oriental Flowers Series explores the muted colors of spring and summer flowers in a relatively structured format. It is amazing how such simple formats can be so pleasing to the eye. It is also amazing how my heart rate just drops as I work on them–they are so calming.

Over the years, I have been enthralled by several works of art made in handmade cast paper. These works vary from the very simple to the extremely complex in texture. They formed the inspiration for my Cast Acrylic Series. For these, I hand cut a stencil, affix it to the painted background, and carefully cast impasto acrylic onto the area. Some of these works use delicate shades of paint in both the background and the cast acrylic to lead the eye on a subtle path to a balanced design. In others, the castings leap off the background and demand your full attention.

Click on any image to enlarge.

All canvases have wrapped edges.

Canvas stretcher thickness:
Standard Wrap = 0.75 inch
Gallery Wrap = 1.5 inch
Museum Wrap = 2.5 inch

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Revisiting the Fan, Oriental Flowers, and Cast Acrylic Series

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