I am a Raleigh artist. My gallery studiowas most recently in 311 Gallery, 311 West Martin Street Raleigh NC 27601, which I owned from late 2014 until mid-2020. 311 gallery is in the Raleigh Warehouse District along the same street as the Visual Art Exchange and the Contemporary Art Museum, 1/2 block west of Nash Square and 1.5 blocks east of the Raleigh Union Station. Parking is available on the street or in the parking deck in The Dillon (accessible from either West Street or Harrington Street.

I am currently renovating my home studio and hope to get back to painting soon. Having now fully retired, I am working to get my engraving skills back, so you will soon see some of that, in addition to new paintings.

My Earth Series resulted from a conscious effort to concentrate more on balance and value contrast using rich (rather than bright) complementary and contrasting colors. For many of these paintings, small splashes of bright color play against the main design to create movement.

My Dots and Lines Series is playful. Most of these paintings use muted colors with a few bright spots or lines playing off against the basic design. This series uses simple designs, with simple color schemes, but each painting has lots going on to entertain the viewer. Many of these paintings use very limited palettes, such as Black, White, and one color or two colors.

I enjoy pushing the limits of modern acrylics using combinations of transparent watercolor techniques and opaque acrylic techniques in my Riots of Color Series. Each painting has a relatively benign opaque or transparent underpainting overlaid with structured shapes of glazes of bright colors and complementary opaque areas. It’s incredible when you can see multiple layers down through transparent glazes.

“Color adds the spice of life.”

As much as I enjoy abstract art, I cannot completely disregard my landscape roots. In recent years, I have concentrated more on seascapes–somehow sand dunes and sea grasses just calm my soul, regardless of whether a storm is brewing or the day is bright and sunny. I have been working on a series of North Carolina Lighthouses and a series on Marsh Islands. Our lighthouses have been standing tall as sentinels against distress, and now many of them need help themselves. The Marsh Island series makes me remember years of searching through the marsh mud with my toes for clams. Amazing how good clam chowder can taste when you harvested the clams yourself. When you are feeling the tide move and the grass blowing in the wind, you are at piece with the world. That is the mood that I try to portray.

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