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I am a co-owner of the Tipping Paint Gallery, 428 South McDowell Street, Raleigh NC 27601. We are diagonally across from the Convention Center, just across from the Amphitheater, and next door to Poole’s Diner. Our gallery changes each month, with special shows in the front of the gallery each month, two of which each year are juried shows. The reception for each show is on each First Friday from 6:00 to 9:30 pm.

Jerry’s Artarama is the home of affordable professional art supplies and sponsor or a variety of art instruction. I am an instructor in the START (Stop Thinking Art is Really Tough) program  sponsored by Jerry’s Artarama . I teach START art classes and present art demos at the Raleigh store in the Holly Park Shopping Center (located at the intersection of I-440 and Wake Forest Road), as well as the Carter Building Art Center. If you are not on the online store mail and email list, you are missing on some serious discounts on purchasing some of the best art supplies on the face of the earth. These folks are serious about working with artists, finding out what works for them, and making appropriate tools, media, and associated supplies available at economical prices.

The Jerry’s Art Events web site of Jerry’s Artarama contains free online art lessons and information on free product demonstrations in the Raleigh store, descriptions of the workshops in the Raleigh store (including the new, short START [Stop Thinking Art is Tough] workshops for beginners), and details of the Art of the Carolinas (the annual November mega art event in Raleigh with dozens of workshops and a very large equipment expo with lots of vendors and the best prices of the year). The mail and email lists used by the Raleigh store are different from those used by the online sales group. The local email list keeps you up with workshops, free demos, and special sales available only in the store. If you want more green in your pocketbook, get on this list, as well as the online list.

Visual Art Exchange, an association of North Carolina visual artists and gallery and host of art education and critique sessions, as well as exhibition opportunities.

Fine Art Leagues of Cary, an association of Triangle area artists providing art education and exhibition opportunities to members and nonmembers.

The Durham Arts Council runs a variety of art information and promotion programs for the City of Durham. It also runs two of the three galleries in the Durham Arts Building and maintains information lists to make artists and those interested in art aware to Durham art events.

The Durham Art Guild is a group of artists working in a variety of media that promotes art education and interests in the art work of its members. The DAG runs the third gallery in the Durham Arts Council building and shows works of its members in that gallery.

The ChromaZones is an association of 13 abstract artists in the Triangle area who collaborate on charity projects and promotion of abstract art. Several of the members teach beginning and intermediate art classes using a variety of styles and media at various venues.  


Tunde Afolayan is a fellow instructor in the Carter Building Art Center teaching faculty and fellow member of Without Borders Studio, 18 Glenwood Avenue, Raleigh NC 27603 (in the left centerof the Carter Building). The vibrant colors in his expressive abstract paintings flow from this very vibrant man. His workshops concentrate on helping you to analyze your work, develop your own painting voice, and exploit it to its fullest.

Lee Ball specializes in oil paintings of rural life. The incredible detail in her work puts you in the scene. She taught art in Wake County schools and became a full-time artist in June 2011. Lee was a fellow instructor on the Carter Building Art Center teaching faculty and a fellow member of Without Borders Studio prior to helping to form the Tipping Paint Gallery. Lee is just plain infectious; she will make you put energy into your paintings you did not know you had. Lee teaches both beginning acrylics and beginning oils in her home studio.

Denee Black is an abstract artist who is emerging in various ways as an interesting asset to the art community. She combines her training as a graphic artist with her delight in abstractions of events and places produced in a variety of media.

Craig Burt and Marrianne Conti Burt are abstract artists, fellow founding members of the ChromaZones abstract artists, and owners of a Wine & Design franchise in Cary, NC. They teach a variety of realistic and abstract art techniques. Both are accomplished artists and graduates of The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

DiGuilio Studios is the home of Joe DiGiulio and Sharon DiGiulio. Joe specializes in abstract acrylics and Sharon specializes in collage. Both are frequent instructors at Jerry’s Artarama, Art of the Carolinas, and other venues. Joe is a color specialist and has assisted a major manufacturer in formulating new pigmented acrylic colors. Practicing his black bag exercise with a limited palette makes you take serious notice of value in your paintings. He also likes to play transparent shapes against opaque ones in his abstract work to put depth into his paintings. Sharon can take the most mundane thing and make it sparkle as the center of an art work.

Sterling Edwards has a wide reputation as an excellent watercolorist and watercolor instructor, but he also works in acrylics. He does both representational and abstract work. He is a frequent instructor at Art of the Carolinas, Jerry’s Artarama, and other venues in the United States and Canada. His instruction technique is just plain fun; he uses humor to make his points on color mixing and application stick in your brain. Isn’t that the point–to both learn and retain? (watercolors) (acrylics)

Jillian Goldberg is an abstract artist who teaches in a variety of location around the Triangle area, including her studio. She is a fellow founding member of the ChromaZones abstract artists and is a fellow START teacher for Jerry’s Artarama.

Larry James is an abstract artist and a fellow founding member of the ChromaZones abstract artists. His innovative style has been attracting notice in recent years.

Janie Johnson is a watercolorist and watercolor instructor. She was a fellow instructor on the Carter Building Art Center teaching faculty and also teaches at Jerry’s Artarama. She makes watercolors sing and can help you learn to do the same. She teaches both beginning and continuing watercolorists. In addition to her workshops, she has noninstructional paintout sessions where she works with participants as they paint.

Susan Jones Fine Art Photography. Susan was a fellow instructor on the Carter Building Art Center teaching faculty and fellow member of Without Borders Studio prior to helping to start the Tipping Paint Gallery. She specializes in photography and hand coloring photography and teaches classes in those areas. She is a specialist with colored pencils. She makes objects jump off the paper.

Sarah Mantel is an abstract expressionist and was a fellow founding member of the ChromaZones abstract artists. Sarah has an incredible sense of color. Sarah moved to Atlanta in the summer of 2011. We miss her spirit!

Cheryl McCardle has been teaching and exhibiting abstract art for over 20 years. Cheryl practices tactile sensation in her meditative paintings. She is a fellow founding founding member of the ChromaZones abstract artists.

Sys Oppenlander is a Danish abstract artist residing in the Triangle area. Sys is a driving force behind, and a fellow founding member of, the ChromaZones abstract artists.The vibrantcolors of her paintings evoke the spirits of exotic places and intense temperatures she has experienced in her worldwide travels. She is a member of the BLAM Studios.

Constance Pappalardo works primarily with watercolor on canvas to create abstract paintings that evoke emotion. She is a fellow founding member of the ChromaZones abstract artists.

Bob Rankin specializes in abstract acrylics and teaches at Jerry’s Artarama, Art of the Carolinas, and other venues in the United States and Europe. His long tenure as an art teacher in the local public schools and extensive art research during overseas travel have served his students well, both the rank beginners and those who attend his week-long classes intended to ramp you up to a higher level. No matter if you have never picked up a brush or you have been painting for years, Bob will take you to a new level. His specialty is giving you the tools to analyze your work and improve it.

Carol Joy Shannon creates both abstract and wildlife paintings. Her fantasy and travelogue paintings are unique. Carol Joy is a fellow founding member of the ChromaZones abstract artists.

Mary Storms is an abstract artist working primarily in multimedia, textured acrylic paintings with an incredible sense of depth. Mary is a fellow member of the ChromaZones abstract artists.

Juley Striegel is an abstract artist and muralist. In addition, she illustrates children’s publications. Juley is a fellow member of the ChromaZones abstract artists.

Michele Theberge is an acrylic specialist and is a frequent instructor for workshops sponsored by Liquitex, Art of the Carolinas, Jerry’s Artarama, and other venues. She also works in oils. Her instruction varies from technical aspects of varnishes and other media to applying acrylic inks and glazes in abstract paintings to portfolio review and advice on growing your art capabilities. She offers a weekly email of a quick drawing for a 10-second art fix to wake you up on Saturdays.

Domingo Vega is an incredibly innovative artist who almost exclusively works in three-dimensional, sculptural art panels. He also works in interior design. Domingo was one of the founding members of the ChromaZones abstract artists and now lives in Maryland.

Lori White is is a realistic oil painter. Lori isone of the founding members Tipping Paint Artists and a Co-owner of the Tipping Paint Gallery.

Rebecca Worters is an abstract artist whose works invoke vibrancy and energy. Rebecca isone of the founding members of the ChromaZones abstract artists.


Total Motion Release is a unique physical therapy institution that helped me avoid rotator cuff surgery. In general, you go through a 3-week class in which they teach you how to assess which parts of your body have the most movement capability and which have the worst, rank them, and start working on the part that is giving the most problem on a given day. The program resulted from research by the owner Tom Dalonzo-Baker and has spread nationwide. The basis for the program is that (1) the different parts of the body are interrelated and (2) pain or movement problems in one area are often the manifestation of problems in another area. Working on the real problem area solves the perceived problems. I picked up 20 yards on my golf swing. When I do my part, I feel better, move better, and sleep better. I worked mostly with Margaret Mitsock.

Woodcraft carries an exceptional line of wood and woodworking tools and machinery. The Raleigh store is located at 4317 Pleasant Valley Road, which is in the first block southwest of Glenwood Avenue  (across from the BP station). The staff are all serious woodworkers and many of them present workshops in the working shop classroom in the back of the store. You can learn how to do almost any woodworking technique from these folks. The corporate group even has its own woodworking magazine (called Woodcraft) that features projects and the associated techniques. The stock is well populated and replenished weekly. A multipage monthly store sales flyer (that lists upcoming workshops at the store) and weekly online sales notices make it enjoyable to be on their mailing list.

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